Extreme Grocery Shopping (Just Add Toddlers)

(Originally posted on the Inbuggering Diaries as "The one with the second part to Grocery Shopping - Dutch Style ... Enter the Toddlers" ) Way back in 2012 I wrote about my adventures grocery shopping (If you're interested, it's here). 3 years, and 2 kids later - I...

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Something Different Challenge Day 31

Day 31, the final day, was daddy's turn after finding this great Melissa and Doug Basic Skills Board at the grocery store of all places. There will be years of fun to be had with this learning zipping, buckling, snapping, buttoning, lacing and tying. They probably...

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Something Different Challenge Day 30

Better late than never (was waiting on the wonderful photos my hubby took for this one, then finding the time to post. Day 30, after a successful thrift store shopping spree, our something different was playing with our new guitar. I keep a bin of musical instruments,...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 29

Day 29 (and I'm finally caught up) we made our first sensory bottle. This ocean bottle is super easy. Water with blue food coloring, oil, and I added glitter, then (and this is important unless you just love cleaning "the ocean" off your floor) crazy glue the lid on....

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Something Different Challenge: Day 28

  Day 28. A new twist on messy sensory play, non-messy sensory play. A couple of zippy bags, squishy stuff (shaving cream in one and liquid soap in the other) with a few drops of food coloring in each. The Tyrant enjoyed squishing these around and watching the colors...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 27

Day 27, we were having a fussy evening and I really needed an activity that would be calming. And it hit me, we haven't tried a stirring activity yet. So out came the big mixing bowl, some yogurt and applesauce to stir together, and a big wooden spoon, and simple as...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 26

Day 26 we attemped stringing "beads" made out of cardboard paper towel rolls. The Tyrant was less than impressed, though he did oblige me by trying it out for a few minutes before throwing the beads everywhere. Guess I can't win them...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 25

Day 25 is brought to you by daddy implementing my idea of using some packing materials and boxes (thank you again IKEA) to make a driving track. Daddy did a great job, the Tyrant (and the cats...or as we call them catzillas when they walk through the little cardboard...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 24

    Day 24 found us at our favorite indoor play place, and we were lucky enough to be there during "Adventure Time" where they have a story, craft and cooking activity all centered around one theme. The Tyrant never participates in the story part, he just won't sit...

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Something Different Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 we took advantage of some freebies sent to us in the mail (no I am not buying hidden pictures books for my 18 month old, nice try people, but thanks for the free stuff). He's not a big fan of sticky stuff, but we try on occasion anyway just to see if that has...

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