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I follow a lot of parenting and educational groups and blogs…A LOT. And I get a ton of great ideas from most of them (not all, some are just for pure comedic value). Anyway, I’ve been seeing a 30 day, or one month, or 4 week “sensory play challenge” thing going on with a few of these. First off, I absolutely love this idea and we do a lot of sensory play here anyway. However, these “challenges” have already proven far too structured for us on DAY ONE.

The basic idea is that you do a somewhat specific sensory activity each day for about 15 minutes per day (i.e. day one is water so you do any water play, day two is foam so shaving cream or whipped cream play, day three nature walk, day four build a fort…and so on) for a month. It’s fairly open ended and age adaptable. There are some wonderful ideas out there for each day. However…doesn’t there always seem to be a however? So, however, most of us know things aren’t always that “simple” (because planning a month of activities is super easy), and you know what they say about best laid plans, toddlers will F$#K them up every damn time.

Case in point, (and no I did not plan a month ahead, I’m just winging it from day to day) I spent almost my kiddo’s entire nap putting together a fun activity (that I happened to see posted on one of those aforementioned sites while I was trying to have some downtime) using some of his toys, a laundry basket (which meant I had to put the laundry away first), and some yarn I had left over from crocheting his baby blanket (yes, I spent days doing that and he hates it, but once again I digress). The result? A solid 30 seconds of play until he moved onto mass destruction of my house…AGAIN. However…yes another however, but this is a good however…in the process of me attempting to clean while he tornadoed through the house, we discovered a different activity that kept him busy for nearly a half hour. Day one ended up being painting with water, made extra exciting by sitting in his booster at the table rather than his high chair or kid table.

So I guess, as it turns out, I am staring my own challenge this month, if for no one else than myself. I’m keeping it simple. One month of a daily activity, whether planned ahead or just on the fly, but 5-15 minutes a day to do something different and new. Does anyone want to join me in this endeavor? It doesn’t have to be anything too structured, don’t even get on Pinterest unless you’re completely out of ideas.

Either way I’m going to have fun with this. There will be successes, there will probably be far more fails. It’s a learning process for us all, big and small. I may not get to post every day but I will document and post our journey along the way.

I look forward to seeing photos of your activities!!!

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