Christmas 2014-4

Some call it spoiled, over the top
This year you’re too young to know what you’ve got
To that I say, that’s precisely why
This year your gifts are stacked to the sky
Each coming year, you’ll learn even more
This holiday season is not bought in a store
To give and receive, not just to take
Learn to appreciate each sacrifice we make
One day a grown man, never again this small
You’ll know Santa is not some guy at the mall
There may come a time, where things will be lean
But even then you’ll find joy in each little thing
What’s under the tree means little, you will be taught
It’s those who surround it not the things that they bought
Who make this great season, so perfect and bright
And fill our hearts with a feeling so light
So this year while you’re young, and still don’t understand
We shower you with all the gifts and love that we can
You’re growing up so fast, the lessons can wait
By next year it really won’t be too late
Watching you with your gifts, the smile on your face
Is something no money could ever replace
Discovering each thing, so deeply embroiled
That’s why this year son we will let you be spoiled

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