I’m sure many of us (probably all) always want to be very calm and collected when comes to dealings with our offspring as they are ours and we’ve literally made them in every sense possible. So when they’re acting out I always try to just go with the flow, even if it means cleaning a whole serving of water from various parts of the living room plus pieces of crackers he stole from one of the drawers when I was changing his brothers diaper (even though he knows that “we only drink and eat in the kitchen”).

I stay unruffled thinking “oh well the floor needs mopping anyways”. When he screams on top of his lungs just because the dog is standing too close to him; he pulls out all the table matts and slides on them on the floor; runs to the door and tries to unlock the door to “go”; finds a tiny pasta bag and spreads it all over the floor and then lays in it and makes pasta Angels … Well I could go on..but You get it…And I just tag along to my boy’s home adventures: “How to destroy the living room in 30 easy steps guide to toddlerhood”. I didn’t even get angry when he sneaked to my cake fridge and found the cake I was about to decorate for delivery in 3h….

And then it happened he woke up the baby I was trying to put down for a nap for the last 1,5h… The sound of the roar that came out of me ” Xandeeeer!!!!” Well we both were in a total shock that mommy has a voice?! Wow. Well I guess we all have our breaking points.

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