Isn’t it funny how you tell your kid to say “ma-ma” and he will say “da-da”.  That is one of the wonders that our kids impress us each day.


I taught my 3-year-old kid to say “thank you” and “please” and I am pretty damn proud that he says those words without much prodding from us, his parents.


I was happy until I heard him watching something and said, “Oh my gawd!”  That is for me in the beginning a bit shocking.  No one at our house use such expressions.  I quickly told him I don’t like him saying it.  He found my reaction so amusing that he kept on saying it every chance he got.  After a month, his OMG expression turned softer and I found a bit sweet, like when I spilled something on the table and he said, “oh my gawd Mama, what have you done!!??”


Fast forward 1 month and I heard him saying F* while watching a film with us and Sh*t – all in a span of 1 minute.  I didn’t say a word and tried my best not to react.  I looked at my husband and I already know the answer.  Again, these are not words I, the mother, usually say.  My husband took the blame on this one.  Our son thought it is something rightful to say so when it is exciting.  What should I tell him?  I know it is a bit lame but I said – sweetheart, you can also say “cool” when things are happening like that.


With school again starting, I am a bit wary about his teachers and other parents hearing those words from him.  It’s time to have a bit of a talk.  How do you best approach this?  Hmmm….


I told my son that the teachers would not like to hear that in school.  He likes school too much that he would not do something not good for school.  My worry subsided one evening when JM heard his half-sister say it while watching youtube. He said, mama, she said sh*t.  I asked, “it is a nice word to say?” and he said, “No, it is only said when you are playing games at the computer.”


That is a bit of a relief… for now.

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