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Oh IKEA, how I love thee. Our first visit to the recently opened store in our area yielded, among other things, a roll of art paper. Continuing to encourage the Tyrant’s newfound love of art, for day 19 I taped a big piece of this paper to the floor and put several globs of finger paint on it, grabbed some cars and brushes, and some chubby little bare toddler feet figuring all of these would be fun options to paint with. WRONG!

I know better, really. Anything a normal kid would love to do mine generally has zero interest in. What kid doesn’t want to walk through paint, or drive their cars through the colorful globs of messy fun? Mine, that’s who. He did paint a little with the brushes, did finally drive his cars through it a time or two, but he went far out of his way to not let his precious little tootsies touch even one speck of paint. He was more interested in dipping his brushes in the paint and running around the house with them and watching mommy’s reaction. Washable or not, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

So, while I will try this again down the road, this was a fail at this point. NOT READY!

Anyone else in love with IKEA? What’s your favorite kid item there? We now have a race track rug and are going back this week for a gym mat. Both at far lower prices than we have found anywhere else.

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