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Better late than never (was waiting on the wonderful photos my hubby took for this one, then finding the time to post. Day 30, after a successful thrift store shopping spree, our something different was playing with our new guitar. I keep a bin of musical instruments, for those times where we need to just do something a little different, and I keep adding to it when I find something fun. I’ve been in the market for a guitar with actual strings (whether plastic or the real deal) and not only did I score the real deal, I picked this beauty up for the low half off price of $5.



I cannot stress enough the value of scoping out your thrift stores for some truly spectacular deals on toys. We go every few weeks and always find something great, which makes me feel like I can spoil the Tyrant a little, always keeping the toy selection fresh and varied, without draining our bank account. Plus if he gets bored with certain toys (or they are really irritating) I can resell them or donate them.

But I digress, the guitar was a huge hit. I crack up at the photo of he and I playing, looking like I know what I’m doing when in fact I am about the least musical person you could know. But it is important to me that the Tyrant have the opportunities I didn’t growing up, and with his daddy having learned to play 22 instruments, music is certainly in his blood. Hopefully he takes after daddy in that department. It also inspired us to look into family guitar lessons when he is older if he does show an interest, because it’s never too late to learn something new.



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