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Day 31, the final day, was daddy’s turn after finding this great Melissa and Doug Basic Skills Board at the grocery store of all places. There will be years of fun to be had with this learningĀ zipping, buckling, snapping, buttoning, lacing and tying. They probably played with this together for a good half hour, and though he can only do a couple on his own, the Tyrant really enjoyed picking out each piece and handing it over to daddy so he could watch. He was really quite fascinated by how each piece works, and I always enjoy watching the interaction between father and son (when they aren’t butting heads).

So this month of a different activity each day was truly a challenge for us, and I learned a lot from it. Now that it is over I am quite happy to return to doing these things when inspiration strikes, which is still quite often. Thank you all for taking this journey with us, and if you have any good suggestions for activities to try I’d be happy to have you share those.


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