Now that the holidays are nearly over, I can share with you my EPIC holiday. First off, it started with me being TERRIFIED of putting up a christmas tree with a toddler, you know, in da house.  He is at the age that he literally eats every flipping thing that he sees so I assumed this would be no other.

After some tips from a friend Lana, we took a trip to a local garden center and picked up an entirely new set of J safe ornaments. Wood. No removeable parts. And about a week before xmas we put up our tree. Directly in the corner of J’s play area. We showed him “his” ornaments and let him “help” us put them in the tree. Ok he only shook them around on the string…  and then we waited.

And waited.

And we waited some more.

Even more waiting.

He didn’t touch the tree or anything.

He didn’t even freaking LOOK at the damn thing.

Ok maybe come Xmas day he had tossed a few ornaments in and out of the tree but he’s really left it completely alone. It’s still standing!

This is what I expected though… (see video…)

How was your holiday with kiddos?

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