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We're a gaggle of mamas living across the world who blog about the adventures we have with our adorable kids, products we love (or don't), and how we cope with everyday.


37 or something….American in Holland
Mom to 15 month old boy

Gina is a 30-something (lol) espresso-fueled self-employed entrepreneur mom with a 15 month old boy at home. She is American but transplanted to the Netherlands a decade ago. She’s balancing the fun times of a crazy active toddler with running her Marketing consultancy and trying to keep her sanity (and house looking less like a tornado – failing at that!)

“Seriously, I have no idea what in the HELL I am doing” 

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38, Missouri, USA
Mom To 18 Month Old Boy

I’m a very young and energetic happily married SAHM of a perfect toddler who was the best baby anyone could ever hope for. After a day of keeping the house spotless and doing only educational activities with my sweet little boy, taking a nice long nap, and cooking a gourmet meal while he plays independently for the evening, I spend time on Pinterest planning out the activities for the next day and tomorrow’s gourmet meal.

I’m laughing so hard right now, I’m crying. Or maybe I’m just crying, I can’t tell anymore. The truth is I am a happily married SAHM to toddler boy, but I’m as far from young and energetic as my boy is from perfect and my house is from spotless. He was a high needs baby and, though less so, is still a high needs toddler. We live in Midwest Suburbia with our old dog and our herd of cats (not a clowder, they’re really a herd). Every day is certainly an adventure and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it, except occasionally for a good bottle of wine and a full night sleep.

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Stephanie is Australian, married to a German holding a Dutch Passport (legally!) and lives in the Netherlands.  They welcomed (after initial freak outs and dramas) identical twin girls into their lives in 2013, and went from a clean, organised house to the personification of chaos and mayhem within months of birth.
Today Stephanie hires herself out as a professional twin wrangler and public speaker specialising in sarcasm, sleep deprivation and the power of Nescafe Gold. She also tries to persuade her kids that ‘Baby TV’ is much better than ‘Investigation Discovery’ and fails miserably. She aspires to have a full night’s sleep eventually …



Catriona is an arty jack of all trades with one foot in her native Scotland, and the other in the Netherlands since 2011. Before she had babies, she worked variously in animation, politics & PR, and for eight years as Sunday Herald art critic. Since having babies and relocating she has written and illustrated children’s books, become a copyeditor, and made art under the name Black Prints. She is a terrible housewife, and seven years on, still not exactly sure what she’s supposed to be doing as a mother. www.catrionablack.com

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30, Polish by passport- Rolling stone by nature
Mommy to two boys 2yrs and 5months

Since I’ve become a mom I keep wondering how can I have it all: my sanity, happy kids and a clean house, time for my hobby – baking. Yes, yes I am that mom who still dreams that it’s all possible! In the havoc of 2 boys, 2 dogs and husband who travels every week for work..this house is more like a circus than Pinterest but I keep trying!eep.

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