Since this blog launched, I’ve been quietly mulling over tons of ideas in my head. You see, that’s the kind of person I am. I’m a thinker. I think A LOT. My brain goes a million miles a minute and my personality says “yes, that’s a good idea, start!” to probably more than 10 new projects today.

My personality is also an addictive one. I’m also competitive. This is basically a very dangerous combination. Type A personality adds to the mix. So that means when I go for something I usually stop all else and go for it 150%. Fast forward to today… and you may be wondering what I’ve been fussing over.

For the past 2 weeks I have basically gone over non stop in my head about all these different things I want to do to challenge myself this year.

  • As a woman (last 10 baby weight pounds to automagically fall off me while I work for myself. At home. With less physical activity than a rock in the garden?)
  • As a professional (grow my 5 month old business to instant success!)
  • As a mother (do whatever it takes to not screw up the whole kid thing, am I being a good mom? Maybe I should show him how to finger paint today… or crayons…goo! or sensory stuff! SO MUCH ON PINTEREST – and Thanks Christina :P~)
  • As a chef (what the fuck can I make today that my toddler will just throw on the floor?)
  • As a friend (how can I see my friends more, reconnect more often, take time to nurture and help them more?)
  • As a partner (date night, what’s that?)
  • As myself (exactly what do I do for me? *cricket*)
  • As a polished lady (can someone enlighten me how to fix my wardrobe for a post-baby body? nothing fits the same or is comfortable.. nothing)
  • As a penny pincher (self employment OMFG I need to be careful with money and budget, like yesterday)

I could go on. Basically I want to do a lot of things and I feel I should do a lot of things, for all sorts of different reasons in my life. But because there are so many things, it’s hard to pick one. Combine that with “trying” to balance work, home life, my time, toddler, family, friends….

Extra Long Story Short, here is what I have decided. 

I will undertake 3 actual challenges this year, sort of like new years resolutions but with more urgmph. All 3 of them I will blog about here – yay!

Challenge #1   Suck Less At Photography Challenge.

I loooooooove photography. I kind of have a slight obsession with it. I think I suck at it and constantly go through phases where I’ll try really hard, buy a few books, and then give up soon as I get frustrated. Since J was born, I invested more in my equipment and in the past year did a metric shit ton (yes that’s a technical term) of work to learn how to edit photos way better. It’s worked because even I am starting to feel more confident in my kiddo photography.

I feel SUPER proud with ever great photo I’m getting of little man.

So, to continue this. I will write a post once a week to diary what I did this week in my photography world and show some of my photos from my mama days (I have 2 days a week that I stay home with little J these are my “mama days”). I will also challenge myself to share at least 5 photos per week in this said blog and share a before and after editing of at least one that I’m most proud of.

I hope that doing this I start to see even more improvement and tips coming in from all of you. Or at the most awesomeness of things, I help to inspire one of you with my beautiful little boy’s photo and you start taking more photos too. So, that’s 1!

While I’m at it, here’s my photo submission for this week. I took these on Wednesday and Thursday mama days and I’m actually pretty proud of them 🙂


Challenge #2 Become a Toddler Master Chef!

Not that my kid will become a chef, though he’s got this super odd infatuation with Jamie Oliver and will watch cooking shows all day. I guess it’s better than all the Investigation Discovery I used to watch when I was pregnant and he was a baby… right. Anyway! For 2 weeks now he’s basically gone from my “I will eat EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING” to  “what the fuck is this?” followed by a one-handed sweep of the entire plate onto the floor.

My mama days at lunch now consist of me giving him new things, which he refuses, or give him what I know he will eat (bread with cheese or butter), followed by me feeling terrible eating my healthy lunch, eggs, or salad. Bad mommy! So my second challenge will be around giving him something NEW on every single one of my mama days – plus weekends. That’s 4 days a week of a new lunchtime menu. I’ll share my findings in a blog every week or so.

I’ll take your suggestions and also try them out! Let’s see how it goes with experimenting with J and see if I can become a master chef! May the force be with me!


Challenge #3 Family Fun Days

Inspired by my dear friend Lana, we made a list last week of a family activity we want to try to do once a month, for the entire of this year. We didn’t set dates yet, but we did set primary activities. We really don’t get out enough and spend time as a family. Fun stuff. We are so caught up in life and the daily things that we let much of our time pass us by.


So, armed with this new inspiration I will share how this plan is working for me and my family 🙂


I haven’t even mentioned the paleo stuff, diet stuff, working out stuff, smooothies! Dancing with my girlfriends… SO MUCH TO DO.

So, what will you challenge yourself with this year? Share the inspiration here!




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